Ipsilon Group

Ipsilon Group is a Top 3 IP Consulting Services firms in France, and Top 5 in the Benelux. The Group benefits from leading positions in the key industry rankings (FT, Juve Patent, Décideurs Magazine) through its expertise in Life Sciences, electrical, mechanical engineering, Pharmaceuticals as well as chemistry. In the past few years, Ipsilon Group has experienced rapid growth, fuelled by multiple acquisitions, such as Barre Laforgue (Toulouse, c. €2m turnover) in 2018, Nuss (Strasbourg, c. €7m turnover) in 2019, NONY (c. 5 offices in France, c. €20m turnover), Lecomte & Partners (c. €5m turnover) and IP Hills (c. €5m turnover) in 2023 and Laurent & Charras (c. 5 offices in France, c. €20m turnover) in 2024. The company offers a wide portfolio of services covering all areas of industrial and intellectual property, from patent drafting to litigation and is present in France, the Benelux, Germany, the USA, and China with c. 250 employees.