Supporting sustainable growth

We see every investment as a collaborative process. It requires effort from both the company’s management and Waterland, meaning we will actively work together to set up a strategic growth plan for the business. Together, we will pave the way towards success.

On your terms

What are the goals you have for your organization? Where do your ambitions lie? Together, we look at what you want to achieve. Our experts will help you get there quicker. If that means you need to implement the latest digital or technological developments, we will help you do that. If that means you would like to make add-on acquisitions, we will guide you through that, too.

Our experts are agile and have a broad expertise to assist you in achieving your ambitions.

Strategic & Operational

Intensive cooperation

Before we get started, we create a strategic growth plan. That plan usually details the vision we have for the buy-and-build strategy and organic growth, consisting of two parts. This strategy provides a clear framework for our collaboration, keeping everyone on the same page.

After we have invested in a company, we will actively support management in the execution of the predetermined growth strategy. While you ensure that your company’s daily operations run smoothly, we give you a boost with strategic ideas and operational know-how. We help you realize your ambition quicker.

As part of our operational support, we help our partners find the right contacts, go after the most interesting deals, add-on acquisitions and assist them every step of the way.

People first

The combination of entrepreneurship, financial resources and added value always results in strong and synergetic teamwork. Our vast experience in growth equity has given us a feel for what works and put us in the perfect position to help you grow sustainably.

That being said, we believe that a private equity project can only be successful when we can start from trust and great teamwork. Because of that, we put great focus on selecting the right team for your industry and business. Furthermore, we work in a collaborative environment, so you can be sure that our experts are all open and ready to be inspired by you, but that they are just as ready to give you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed.

Our collaboration with Waterland is about honesty and transparency, and the ability to jointly work on a shared vision. The professionalism, knowledge and support of the Waterland team are instrumental for the joint success.

Maarten De Roos, CEO Circular IT Group

Unique methodology

Our strategy is tailored to the needs and situation of our portfolio companies and is based on three main pillars:

Proactive deal sourcing

At Waterland, we proactively search for opportunities that fit our vision. We take the same philosophy to our portfolio companies, helping them grow by proactively finding deals that fit their values and needs. Waterland can play a key role in helping companies achieve accelerated growth through consolidation by providing expansion capital, know-how and pro-active and hands-on strategic and operational support.

Tailor-made & flexible

Part of why our strategy is so successful is its flexibility. We understand like no other that industries and the world are changing every day. Because of that understanding, we ensure that we keep a close eye on the results, constantly measuring the outcome and impact of what we do. That way, we can adjust our strategy if necessary.

Buy-and-build strategy

As part of our buy-and-build strategy, we integrate add-on acquisitions into our portfolio companies. This way, we aim to expand the investment cluster to a larger size, thereby strengthening the portfolio company’s market position.