A Waterland investment is never accidental

It is the result of a conscious process built to identify exceptional companies and ambitious management teams, with compelling long-term growth prospects. After all, we do not focus on buying and selling companies, but rather on supporting leading organisations that generate sustainable growth and help shape their industries.

That means that we take the time to get to know a company and its people, researching the market and industry, examining its potential and opportunities, and understanding the ambitions of the organisation as a whole. Because when we dive in, we dive in wholeheartedly, doing everything in our power to achieve success. This way, we create value for the company we invest in and its stakeholders.

Investment themes

We have always focused on a clear set of macro-economic themes, driving long-term change in company and consumer behaviour. These themes guide us to markets that have a solid economic foundation and display the potential for long-term growth. Within each theme, we invest in a large variety of companies that convert that solid foundation into strong businesses.

Ageing population

Nothing is more precious to us than our health. Life expectancy continues to increase, consumers are putting their health and well-being first, and the amount of elderly people continues to grow. This combination of demographic and consumer evolutions fuels new needs. Waterland invests in companies that provide products, services and solutions to satisfy them.

Digitalization & Outsourcing

In our complex world, outsourcing allows companies to focus on their core activities. Digitalization helps automate, optimise and differentiate internal and external processes and creates new ways of interacting with the consumer. Waterland supports organisations that step into the future and help other businesses run smoother.

Leisure & Wellbeing

Time is scarce, and people are more and more conscious about how they spend it. As a result, a growing number of consumers pursue more leisure time. Waterland invests in companies that help the consumer maximise the quality of life and improve their well-being.


Decreasing pollution and reducing the consumption of natural resources and energy are vital to the ecosystems, communities and planet we depend on. Governments, companies and consumers are very aware of that. That awareness creates space for products and services that focus on sustainability.


We actively support the company to execute the strategic growth plan, often combining organic growth with targeted acquisitions. These ‘add-on’ acquisitions are not as much a goal as they are a catalyst to accelerate the journey towards the ultimate goal: growth and success. Add-on acquisitions are integrated into the platform company to strengthen the position of the company and create opportunities to grow and attract new talent.

Active collaboration

Successful entrepreneurship while pursuing an ambitious growth path requires a close collaboration between the company’s leadership team and our teams.

A strategic growth plan for the business is always the first step. It lays down the common vision for the future of the company and is set up by our teams at Waterland and the key leaders and stakeholders of the company. It provides a clear framework for future cooperation, which is maintained by both Waterland and the leadership team.

When entrepreneurship, sector knowledge, financial resources and ambition come together, synergetic teamwork unlocks exceptional results.

With Waterland on board, we can continue our growth trajectory, introducing new innovative products to radar manufacturers and operators worldwide.

Luc Switten – CEO of Intersoft Electronics