Outsourcing & digitalization

As our world grows in complexity, consumers are looking for ways to stop wasting time. Human beings have a constant obsession with innovating, outsourcing and digitalizing their activities, so they can focus on what really matters.

Companies in this area provide services and products that facilitate the need for innovation. They help automate, optimize and differentiate business processes and innovate customer contact. We see a large amount of available opportunities for long-term growth and invest in ambitious companies that are ready to seize those opportunities.

Opportunity for success

This investment theme is an umbrella term for a large number of industries, including companies in software, IT service, hosting and marketing, but also label printing, warehousing, etc.

The industries within this theme are fragmented, which implies that there is room to grow. We enable companies to step into the future and take up their leadership roles in their respective industries.

Strategy & view

There are two types of entrepreneurs and companies we focus on. Ambitious companies that have had a taste of success and want to take it to the next level partner with us to grow sustainably through our buy-and-build strategies. Companies that show true potential and want to start a new chapter by joining a platform company, on the other hand, come to us to grow quicker and become a part of something bigger.

But no matter the type of entrepreneur or leadership team, we always take the same general approach. We take the time to get to know the companies thoroughly and don’t stop until we find the perfect match for each company.

How Waterland supports entrepreneurs

Our strong international network opens doors for our portfolio companies and leadership teams. Growing beyond borders becomes way easier when you know the right people. But wherever a company decides to go, our teams remain the same: they bring the same in-depth expertise and do what it takes to reach the goals a company has set for itself. They are the steady, driving force you need to face a world that only seems to be spinning faster.

Some of our success stories in outsourcing & digitalization

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    Due to the increasing complexity of consumers’ demands, outsourcing and digitalization are vital to help companies focus on what truly…

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  • Ireland


    Writech is an industry leader in bespoke fixed water based and gaseous fire protection systems.

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  • United Kingdom


    Operates primary and secondary education businesses designed to provide comprehensive support, care and education for young students with mental disabilities.

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