A new top-class IT service provider is born: Waterland portfolio companies MT and GOD join forces

Under the aegis of investment company Waterland, which already supports both companies as a growth partner, MT and GOD are set to form a leading IT and software group with almost 1,000 employees and several locations in Germany, Poland, Lithuania and India. The joint group will form one of Germany’s top 20 IT service providers. The goal is to bring the service offering and delivery of the former cooperation partners – which already complement each other – even closer together, while jointly expanding their market position.

MT is an IT service provider that has its main headquarters in Ratingen. With its 300-strong team, it offers a comprehensive portfolio of services covering the agile development of individual software solutions as part of IT modernisation and cloud first strategies, architecture design for modern IT landscapes and innovative analytics and AI platforms. Since 2022, Waterland Private Equity has been MT’s committed growth partner as majority owner.

In the previous year, Waterland – advised by Waterland Private Equity GmbH – already took a majority interest in GOD, one of the leading providers of tailored Enterprise IT and software solutions headquartered in Brunswick. The over 400 employees support customers, particularly companies with complex supply chains and production processes, from requirement management to architecture and project management in the development and operation of individual software. Its range of services also includes modern cloud and edge computing services, as well as SAP consulting.

MT and GOD have already been successfully working on projects together for some time as software development specialists with complementary strengths. The companies see the merger as an important strategic step that both customers and employees stand to benefit from enormously. For example, the joint group offers access to an even larger and more innovative technology portfolio. Additionally, it will now also be able to meet customer requirements even more flexibly, thanks to an agile combination of national as well as near- and offshoring sites in Poland, Lithuania and India. Further, through the joint sales organisation new customers and industries will be addressed more effectively, with the group formed from MT and GOD offering proven expertise in the fields of production and industry, retail, finance and insurance. The merger also offers valuable further development opportunities for the more than 800 employees.

The two companies’ existing management (for MT this is Jürgen Allmich and Siegfried Lassak, for GOD it is Igor Krahne, Ralf Holland and Thorsten Kollet) will continue to manage the business of the joint company and are also co-shareholders.

“MT and GOD are partners that are frequently chosen for digital transition programmes, and with good reason. The merger means that we are now continuing two success stories together. Given industry’s many different challenges, there is enormous demand on the market for individual software and supplementary IT services – offering the ideal prerequisites for the joint group’s further growth, with our continued support”, adds Dr. Gregor Hengst, Managing Director at Waterland Private Equity GmbH.

Waterland has extensive relevant experience in the IT and software market: In addition to GOD and MT, the current portfolio in the DACH region also includes companies such as netgo (IT provider), enreach (unified communications), Skaylink (managed enterprise platform), Serrala (payment technologies) and Netrics (enterprise IT).