All Things Live
& Waterland

Mit Niederlassungen in Norwegen, Schweden, Finnland, Dänemark, Belgien, Holland, Italien und den USA deckt All Things Live das gesamte Spektrum der Live-Unterhaltung ab, von lokalen Musik- und Comedy-Acts bis hin zu großen Musikproduktionen, mehreren Festivals und Stadionkonzerten mit internationalen Künstlern wie den Rolling Stones, Katy Perry und Rammstein.

All Things Live vertritt mehr als 500 Künstler, fördert und produziert mehr als 10.000 Veranstaltungen mit mehr als 5 Millionen verkauften Eintrittskarten pro Jahr und ist eine Reihe von Partnerschaften mit großen Firmenkunden eingegangen.

Buy-and-build strategy

Our buy-and-build strategies are always designed with careful consideration and in close collaboration with the entrepreneurs we are working with. In the case of All Things Live, we quickly aligned on what we wanted to build, and how we wanted to get there. It did not take long before the buy-and-build journey took off at full speed, as many local live entertainment companies share our vision and want to be part of the All Things Live journey.

Waterland – always ready to support

At Waterland, we are always excited about partnering with visionary entrepreneurs and we are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and provide support for an exciting growth journey. We are always available to assist, and we are happy to share our experience in accelerating growth for ambitious companies.

Where are we today?

All Things Live has developed into one of the largest independent live entertainment companies, with a presence across multiple countries. Many companies and entrepreneurs have since the foundation joined the All Things Live family, all sharing the initial vision developed in 2018.

The journey is not over yet, and we continue building on the growth trajectory of All Things Live and are welcoming visionary entrepreneurs to the All Things Live partnership.

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