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Building companies and truly improving them is Waterland’s goal. Involved and responsible in terms of management, sustainable and future-proof in terms of strategy.

Through almost 25 years of experience in more than 1,000 investments, we have gained valuable expertise in making companies intrinsically stronger and better. Hence, Waterland consciously chooses long-term partnerships.


Partnering with ambitious entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs come to us to turn their ambitions into reality. We are proud to say that so far, we have supported over 1000 entrepreneurs, propelling their companies to the top of the market. Some have grown to become market leaders in their country, Europe or even the world, while others have gained the necessary experience and expertise to pass the torch on to the next ambitious team.

Just taking over a company is not what we do. We create long-lasting partnerships, adding our experience to a company and enriching its strategies to make it stronger. Our team members work with multiple companies, giving them the proper hands-on knowledge to make waves in every industry.

In Waterland, we have found a powerful financial and entrepreneurial partner that helps us realise our ambitions through accelerated growth.

Pieter Janssens, CEO of iO

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People are the key to success

Without the ambition of the entrepreneur, the drive of the leadership team, and the work ethic of the employees, a company cannot and will not thrive. Our team understands that and facilitates an environment in which everything aligns: everyone on the same page, shooting for success. Together, we accelerate growth by providing the support and expertise companies need.

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