Buy & build in the commerce content sector: Waterland establishes growth partnership with LionsHome

Investment group Waterland Private Equity (“Waterland”) partners with LionsHome GmbH. The company operates one of Europe’s leading product comparison platforms in the home & living vertical with web portals across 10 countries. Together with founders Michael Röcker (CEO) and Christoph Königer (CTO), Waterland plans to develop the company into a broadly positioned commerce content group via a buy-&-build strategy. Both founders re-invested significantly as part of this transaction. Further financial details will not be disclosed.

LionsHome GmbH was founded in 2014 in Berlin and is currently active in 10 countries. LionsHome aggregates the online product portfolio of numerous leading companies in the home & living sector into a unique product comparison platform for its end customers. This allows customers to quickly and easily find and compare product collections from well-known manufacturers in the furniture and interior design segments on one single website. As well as the typical household and office furniture, at LionsHome you can also find plenty of accessories, decorative items, lamps, garden furniture and much more. With around 40 million visits each year, LionsHome is one of Europe’s leading product comparison platforms in the home & living sector.

The partnership with Waterland is intended to mark the beginning of a long-term growth trajectory. The clear vision is to develop a leading commerce content platform that aggregates a wide range of digital publishing models under one roof. Using a buy-&-build strategy, the core LionsHome platform is intended to grow quickly through further add-on acquisitions, for instance in additional product verticals (e.g., fashion) or in additional geographies to expand market penetration into further European countries as well as the US.

“With LionsHome our intention from the very beginning was to make product comparisons a simple and exciting experience for our end customers – we are very much looking forward to working together with Waterland to apply this concept to additional segments”, reports LionsHome’s CEO Michael Röcker. “As a buy-&-build investor Waterland has an impressive track record – the chemistry between us worked right from the very beginning. We are very much looking forward to our collaboration in the coming years.”

Waterland press contact:
IWK Communication Partner
Florian Bergmann
T +49 89 2000 30 30