AFO Group

Watch the video to hear valuable insights on founding and growing a successful business from entrepreneur and AFO Group CEO, Howard Kosky.

Company Profile:

The AFO Group (formerly Markettiers4DC) was founded in 1994 in the UK by Howard Kosky. AFO is on a mission to become a global leader in evidence-driven marketing communications. AFO operates in a dynamic global market which is evolving in response to an increasingly complex and fragmented media landscape.

Today, data-led communications strategies which enhance business performance are at the forefront of clients’ objectives. Serving this need, AFO – with its market-leading services – has experienced an impressive 30% year-on-year revenue growth. The company employs over 200 professionals, providing services in core pillars, including: data and insight, broadcast, content creation and placement, and virtual/hybrid events. AFO’s strategy is to acquire complementary businesses through an active buy-and-build program, enhancing the group’s expertise, capabilities, and geographical coverage, particularly in the North American market.

AFO acquired Sassy Create (‘Sassy’) in August 2023. Sassy is a premium global creative studio, built around a unique in-house integrated model, designed to meet any comms challenge. Sassy works with some of the world’s most influential brands and blue-chip companies, offering channel-agnostic solutions to deliver real business impact for its clients.

Embark on a journey of entrepreneurial wisdom

Dedication, resourcefulness and a steadfast work ethic are the key tenets of entrepreneurialism, which have been central to the continued success of the AFO Group, 30 years after it was founded by Howard Kosky.

AFO rebranded from Markettiers4DC in January 2024, to reflect an organisation committed to embracing positive change, acknowledging that evolution is critical to success. A key takeaway from this story for fellow entrepreneurs lies in recognizing skill gaps and the transformative impact of strategic partnerships – as demonstrated in AFO’s alliance with Waterland, a partnership grounded in shared visions and long-term commitment.

Beyond financial gains, the collaboration between AFO and Waterland is a testament to the importance of collaboration, positive business culture, and having a partner who understands the nuanced challenges of entrepreneurship. The support from Waterland reinforces that in business, you’re not alone.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, this story carries a clear message: success is a journey, marked by resilience, strategic choices, and the power of partnership. Watch the video to glean valuable insights into entrepreneurial excellence and the true extent of what can be achieved through collaboration.

“Waterland has been more than a financial partner; they share our vision, provide unwavering support, and understand the intricate challenges of entrepreneurship. Together, we’ve accelerated our journey of continued success proving that a transformative partnership is the cornerstone of sustained growth.” – Howard Kosky, CEO of AFO Group