ATOS is a continuously expanding network of specialist clinics at eight locations: Braunfels, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Cologne (2x), Hamburg and Munich (2x). The clinics specialise in leading-edge elective orthopaedic medical services (e.g. endoprosthetics) with 600 employees and catering more than 18,000 patients every year.

The group was established in 2016 when three specialist clinics were carved out from the MEDIAN Group with the goal of achieving greater scope for independent development. The ATOS vision is to unite the best of both worlds: the specialisation and intimacy of a clinic with streamlined structures and the strength of a corporate group that is now generating over EUR 100 million a year in revenue and has the financial resources to make significant investments in digital technology and physical infrastructure. This will further improve both the quality of medical services and the standard of the clinic properties. This clear commitment to quality and growth has resulted in ATOS receiving excellent ratings for patient treatment and care. In addition to honoring 30 doctors as top physicians in the latest issue of the German orthopaedic magazine ‘Focus Gesundheit – Rücken & Gelenke’, the clinic association has received the coveted seal of “TOP Clinic 2021” a total of 18 times – above all the hospitals in Hamburg and Munich with three awards each, and the Heidelberg site with four awards.

To date another eight acquisitions of in-patient and out-patient clinics have taken place. With Waterland’s support ATOS intends to acquire further specialist clinics in the size segment of up to 150 beds and assimilate further out-patient services that are a good fit for its integrated therapy concept. It also intends to supplement the current elective orthopaedic surgery focus with other indications in the future. The close involvement of the physicians as shareholders or members of medical boards enables ATOS to offer an attractive platform for physicians and patients. In the medium-term a group of approx. 12–15 clinics will be created offering an excellent quality of medical services, first-rate patient care and a high-quality infrastructure. The clinic group is also planning its first expansion steps outside Germany.