coeo Group was founded in 2010 and subsequently took over Forum Inkasso GmbH and acoreus Collection Services GmbH. Since 2018, coeo has successfully continued its expansion course together with Waterland. coeo expanded into the Austrian market in 2019, into the Dutch market in 2020 and into the UK market in 2021, all through acquisitions. In addition, coeo has opened greenfield operations in Belgium, in Switzerland and in Sweden.

coeo is now one of the leading tech-driven debt collection companies in Europe with more than 600 employees and over 5.0 million new debt cases per year, servicing blue-chip clients from the e-commerce, payment services, BNPL, telecommunications, utilities, insurance and mobility sectors.

coeo relies on customized, digital debt collection solutions incorporating the latest technologies, means of communication and payment methods, and offers comprehensive services from white-label dunning, to third party debt collection, debt purchasing and credit risk consulting.