EMPWR Nutrition Group

EMPWR Nutrition Group is a global developer and producer of functional nutrition bars for innovative brands. The company has production facilities in Nova Gradiška (Croatia), Montreal (Canada), McMinnville (USA) and Leerdam (Netherlands) and offices in Ghent (Belgium) and Zagreb (Croatia).

In Europe, EMPWR has grown significantly over the past years, producing functional bars for some of the leading and upcoming brands and offering them a wide range of options from vegan to dairy functional bars with paste layers, sprinkles and inclusions.

In North America, the company offers comprehensive nutritional bar solutions (diet/weight loss, chips, keto, protein, granola, nuts, etc.) with a wide range of customization options.

Innovative manufacturing capabilities, consistent quality, superior service and excellent growth opportunities make EMPWR a strong global manufacturing partner for customers on their journey to supplying consumers looking for an alternative to high sugar confectionery.