Sentia is the leading cloud services hosting provider for mid to large enterprises in the Benelux and Denmark. Sentia enables customers to outsource management of their business-critical applications, including their security and compliance and supported by private, public and hybrid cloud solutions. With its focus on specific business requirements and customer service, Sentia has repeatedly received a 100% outsourcing recommendation by Giarte.

Sentia has c. 400 experts spread across the Benelux and Denmark, with main office locations in Amsterdam (NL), Ghent (BE) and Glostrup (DK). Sentia’s experts “lead the way” for their customers in cloud services, so Sentia’s customers can lead their way in their respective field. Sentia’s turnover amounts to approximately 100 million euros.

As of 2022, Sentia Denmark continues to operate on an independent basis, supported by Waterland, after Sentia Benelux joined Accenture. Read more about this in our press release.