NFP Group and Waterland Join Forces for Further Growth and Innovation

Heerenveen, 9 March 2024 – NFP Group, the market leader in secondary employment benefits, today announces a strategic partnership with investment firm Waterland. This collaboration enables NFP Group to further improve its services to employers, contribute to attractive employer branding, and capitalize on new growth opportunities. Together, Waterland and NFP Group believe they can make a significant contribution to green mobility through the employee benefits platform by supporting more employers in offering a bicycle plan and expanding within the attractive lease bike scheme.

NFP Group, a family business founded in 1995, encompasses well-known brands such as FiscFree®, NFP Fietslease, Nationale Fiets Projecten, and Trappers. With over 40 employees in Heerenveen, the company has positioned itself as the specialist in secondary employment benefits since its inception. NFP Group’s services actively contribute to attractive employer branding by assisting many organizations in offering various secondary benefits, including a company bicycle, gym memberships, as well as computers, mobile telephony, home office furnishings, and other perks. Recently, NFP Group has expanded its offerings to include lease bicycles alongside the bicycle plan, marketed under the NFP Fietslease label.

Bob Dijksma, CEO and founder of NFP Group, is excited about the opportunities the partnership with Waterland offers: “At NFP Group, we assist employers in providing their employees with the right secondary employment benefits. This enables them to offer something extra to employees in an accessible way, thereby fostering employee retention. We also assist employers with additional brands such as Trappers and NFP Fietslease to enhance employee vitality, accelerate green mobility, and ensure compliance with fiscal regulations. With Waterland, we can invest in further improving customer service, including investments in the IT platform, lease bike growth, and expanding NFP Group’s offerings.”

Tomas Simons, Partner at Waterland, adds: “NFP Group has emerged as the market leader in secondary employment benefits in recent years, based on high customer satisfaction, an attractive price point, and a wide range of available products. The increasing tightness in the labor market and the growing importance of vitality, sustainable mobility, and compliance in companies’ HR policies mean that we anticipate growing demand for its services. We hope to contribute to this by expanding FiscFree and assisting in the growth of NFP Fietslease with its lease bike proposition based on our experience with this model from previous investments.”

The current management team, Bob Dijksma and Wilco Dijkstra, remain involved with NFP Group as CEO and CCO, respectively. Waterland acquires a majority stake in the company. Together, they look forward to a successful partnership and further growth of NFP Group as the partner for employers in secondary employment benefits.

About NFP Group:
NFP Group, with over 25 years of experience, is the specialist in bicycle schemes. As the parent organization of four companies (FiscFree®, NFP Fietslease, Trappers, and Nationale Fiets Projecten), NFP Group relieves employers of the execution of these schemes. This allows employers to offer attractive extras alongside primary employment benefits in a simple and fiscally advantageous manner. Nationale Fiets Projecten and FiscFree® are established names that have been trusted by employers for years. With a track record of assisting over 5,000 employers and approximately 1.3 million employees in offering secondary employment benefits, NFP Group has been awarded the FD Gazelle eight times in a row in recent years.

Contact information:
Bob Dijksma
+31 6 11300115

Waterland press contact:
Marketing & Communications Manager
Laurence Van Doosselaere
T +32 479 77 57 68