Attero is a leading Dutch waste management company that offers their clients services spanning the full range of waste processing operations i.e. incineration, composting, recycling and landfill. The company is the largest waste processor in the Netherlands.

Each year, Attero processes around 3.5 million tonnes of waste across 15 different sites. This accounts for nearly 40 percent of all Dutch households, or more than 6 million people and companies. With waste as a source of energy, Attero produces sustainable electricity for 350,000 households. The Company also fulfills the heat requirements of some of the industries located near its main incinerators and produces foundation materials for the construction of local roads. Furthermore, Attero is one of the largest producers of green gas in the Netherlands, a sustainable replacement of natural gas and an excellent fuel source for vehicles.

Waterland has a majority stake in Attero and, together with its management, will pursue an active growth strategy.

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