Circular IT Group

Circular IT Group is a full-service provider of IT asset lifecycle management in Northwestern Europe. The company offers refurbished and new computing, networking and server/storage solutions to more than 5.000 SMEs, corporate and governmental customers worldwide.

The focus of CITG is extending the life-time of IT assets and ‘closing the loop’ with regards to IT asset hardware. The majority of IT hardware CO2 emissions is related to raw material extraction and production. By spreading these emissions over a longer life through reuse, product lifetime extension reduces annual emissions while it also decreases the need for critical materials and reduces toxic e-waste. Circular IT Group offers a wide range of refurbished IT equipment as a sustainable solution for IT needs and thus contributes to making the IT value chain more sustainable.

In addition to a wide product range, Circular IT Group offers IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services which ensure that customers’ used equipment is collected, tested, safely data wiped and refurbished before it is remarketed for a second life. As certain use cases require new equipment, Circular IT Group also offers new computing devices for businesses but in a circular Device-as-a-Service model. Customers can count on Circular IT Group to unburden the full IT hardware process by assisting in selection, procurement, imaging, roll-out, monitoring, repair, decommissioning and refurbishment of devices. This way, the full device fleet is managed for optimal and maximum usage from day 0 to end-of-life, while at the same time ensuring safety and compliance.

With the support of Waterland, Circular IT Group has completed 7 acquisitions to date and expanded its office footprint to Belgium and Denmark. The group currently generates > € 100m revenue and counts >200 FTE. The ambition is to become a leading player in Europe by providing the highest quality circular solutions.