Scholt Energy

Scholt Energy is an independent energy supplier focussed on the mid to large corporate segment, with activities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria. As an independent energy supplier, with no production capacity, Scholt Energy acts in the direct interest of its clients. In addition to power and gas supply, Scholt Energy offers its clients a broad range of services related to the energy transition: flexibility management, large scale solar projects, electric vehicle charging solutions, energy storage and energy scans. Through long-term partnerships, Scholt Energy intends to manage decentral energy flows with its flexibility services, thereby offering a solution for the increasing supply-demand energy volatility and accelerating the energy transition.

The company is founded in 2005 in Valkenswaard, where it currently still holds office. After a period of growth in the Netherlands, Scholt started expanding internationally. The Belgian market was entered first in 2010, followed by Germany in 2014 and Austria in 2020. To accelerate growth, Scholt entered into a partnership with Waterland in 2016.