HistoGeneX, a laboratory group established in 2001, supports pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the process of developing, approving and monitoring new anticancer drugs through the development and implementation of biomarker tests. Biomarkers are specific genes, proteins or other molecular variations that can be detected in tissue and blood samples from patients. Via biomarker tests as part of clinical studies, HistoGeneX helps demonstrate for which patients a drug is more or less likely to contribute to the healing process (personalized medicine). This will prevent the prescription of expensive anticancer drugs to patients for which it can be determined in advance that the drug will not be effective. The application of biomarker research in clinical studies therefore helps to personalize the therapy and improve the qualify of life of patients; it enables pharmaceutical companies to better focus their R&D efforts, and is encouraged by governments that seek to manage their ever-increasing social security expenditure more efficiently.

Waterland aims to provide HistoGeneX with financial resources and to support the company in its further development and growth. Investments to this end include a new lab site in Antwerp and the expansion of its lab activities in Chicago and Shanghai.

Further information: www.histogenex.com