Partou stands for high quality, safe and inclusive childcare. At over 850 settings, Partou offers professional daycare and ‘out-of-school’ care. In 2022, 80,000 children attended Partou facilities in the Netherlands, United Kingdom or Germany.

ESG and UN SDG fully embedded in Partou’s corporate strategy

Partou’s mission

Partou’s mission is to help the new generation to thrive by delivering high quality childcare and driving social cohesion from the earliest stage in life. Partou does this across its entire sphere of influence, creating positive impact for parents, children, employees, society and the planet. Partou defines its impact based on ESG-ambitions and UN SDG.

Environmental impact

Increased awareness for new generations

In 2022, Partou defined a sustainability strategy and roadmap with specific targets to reduce scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions according to the UN Paris Agreement. In anticipation of this strategy, Partou took measures in 2022 that have a significant impact on emissions in 2023:

  • Switch to 100% green power contracts for all locations
  • New contract for electric lease vehicles
  • Roll out of 100% plastic-free wipes


Social impact

For a tolerant and inclusive society

Partou’s childcare services are available for all children, especially in places where children and society will benefit the most, such as disadvantaged communities or small population areas. Partou approaches childcare centers as a mini society where children learn and practice how to become active members of a democratic society:

  • Certified pre-education language program at 37% of the daycare settings for children with (or at risk of) language delays
  • Free breakfast for children at daycare centers in deprived areas
  • Participant in the Dutch National Coalition Against Loneliness (activities fighting loneliness among seniors)
  • Contributing in the annual UNICEF Children’s Rights Film Festival
Governance: A reliable and transparent organization

A benchmark for child development

Partou fulfils a social mission that requires more than compliance. The daily interaction with a vulnerable target group and the nature of the business operations entails risks. Therefore, a number of policies, rules of conduct and safety protocols have been established and are continuously adhered to. The annual sustainability report complies with GRI standards and is publicly available.